Percy Lake Ratepayers' Association

Annual General Meeting

Sunday July 3rd, 2001 at the FIRA Hall

Directors present: Jack Russel, Susan Russel, Lou Kiriakou, Graham Warren, Jim Shepherd, Jim Richert. Liz Meacock and Brian Edey not attending. Glad to have Liz Meacock as a new member on the board.

Introduction/name tags, sign up for door prizes.

Walt McKechnie Welcomed every one - he mentioned that your concerns are our concerns. Boat launch signs were just put in. Question of speed limit on Harburn Road - 50 seems a bit low. McKechnie said - this is a county road - but he will talk to the powers that be to see if it can be made higher.

Murray Fearrey Also mentioned the speed limit problem and will work on this. Of?cial county plan will be coming up soon- tree conservation bylaw is being developed.  When it is more developed Fearrey will let us know and we can have some input.  People are clear cutting and this is creating a problem. New lots will be limited to a certain amount of cutting. It will be important to get input from the lake assoc. We can let them know how we feel.

Fearrey also talked about the zoning law vote that is coming soon concerning home occupation and home business. Artists in the past worked at home and had a little garage.  Now home businesses and artists are hiring more people and more is happening with these businesses. It will be important to know if it is more than one person working in a home. The PLRA could vote to support the old by-law which limits the # of artists to one in a cottage.


It is a struggle to hold tax rates down. There has never been as much poverty in our municipality - people are struggling. Don't want to raise taxes.

Plug was made for the local ?sh hatchery. The Provincial Gov. has cut their funding and a shortfall of $25,000. exists. Fearrey suggested that PLRA could make a small donation to help them. Many ?sh hatcheries across the province are closing.  Membership in the hatchery is $30.00.

Fearrey not supportive of a swimming pool for residents of Haliburton - where to put it? .  Waterfront cottagers would pay for it in higher taxes.

Lake Steward Report Susan Russel talked about the development of a new handbook for Lake Stewards - Living on the Edge. Jack Russel will send out email to let people know how to access it on the internet.

Anna Tillman - reported attending meeting of CHA on June 11th.

Treasurer's Report Graham Warren reported there is $ 5,000 in account at end of year.

Development Jim Richert reported that the Portage and Sand Spit will be deeded over to the township. What is the present state of the development? Johnson Bay lots are part of Phase 1. The developers are in the process of putting ?nishing touches on driveways and roads. MNR had concerns about deer yards being preserved and held back in their acceptance of the development. Lots go up for sale in mid-July. John Parrish is exclusive realtor for Percy Lake. This fall the lots at end of Percy Lake Road will go up for sale.

Fishing Derby Lou Kiriakou
Sat. Aug. 13th. 8 - 3 pm. The aim is to inspire camaraderie, competitiveness and conservation. This is to be a catch and release tournament - with emphasis on family members being together. Each boat would have 2 people. The winning boat will be the longest length in cms. of ?ve ?sh caught.

Corn Roast - . Aug 13th 4:00 p.m. Corn, hot dogs and condiments provided. Percy Lake residents will need to bring lawn chairs, dessert and salads. More info about the derby and corn roast will be sent out through email later in the summer.

Out of Control Fire - Pat and Ed Dawsoyar were involved in putting out a ?re next to their cottage just two weekends ago. This was a very dangerous and potentially serious situation. A poster for all residents to put in their cottages was passed out so that everyone is aware of ?re laws on the lake and other reminders of how to be a good neighbour.

Places for People Russel wanted to remind all present that this would be good place to donate money.

FIRA - Barb Taylor talked about joining this organization and also donating money to the
reconstruction of the hall.

Break - coffee and door prizes - Curries won wine making kit, Marlene Shepherd won tickets to Festival Theatre.

Sheila Ziman - Haliburton Highlands Land Trust

The Land Trust acquires ecologically signi?cant land such as the Dahl Forest and the Smith Forest and then does research on species at risk. Education through workshops and outdoor events is another important aspect of the Land Trust - teaching others to be wise stewards of private lands.

The Land Trust has been doing research on Percy Lake and remarked on the signi?cant natural shoreline. Sheila Ziman talked about how to prevent erosion, maintain ?sh habitat, and prevent ice damage. She told us we can relax - we don't need to mow the lawns that border our lakefronts.

Ziman gave us some helpful hints in managing the Spit Area of our lake. It will be important to maintain the tall red pines and to prevent erosion of the spit. There is a need to avoid overnight camping. Signs will be needed here, as well as elimination of ATV use - this breaks up the root masses. Lake levels is also an issue on the Spit and part of the erosion issue. (The PLRA will need to look at the Coalition of Trent-Severn Waterway and what it is doing about the lake levels issue.) Paul Heaven is the Land Trust biologist who has been doing research on Percy and he may have some info for us. Education of residents and visitors is very important.  Some of the birds at risk on Percy are the Canadian Warbler, the Olive-sided Flycatcher and the Golden-winged Warbler.

The reptiles at risk are the Eastern Ribbon Snake - 3 yellow lines, slender - white triangle in front of eye, the Snapping Turtle - they do not bite in water, only bite on land.  They are scavengers and a good thing to see. The Blandings Turtle is also at risk - has yellow underneath.

Hike Haliburton - Dahl Forest Sept. 24 - check out on website.

Discussion re: Survey/Questions and Responses

What would you do to Percy Lake with $10,000?

Use computers to pay dues.

Incorporation; Barb Taylor says important to be incorporated, protects the individual members. As a board we need to look at this issue. Anna Tillman made a motion to look into incorporating Percy Lake, Harry Winder seconded it. At the same time look into insuring the Percy Lake Board.

Picnic tables on spit - feeling was expressed that there is a need to keep the Spit natural.

Work on website.

Package to welcome new owners on the lake with dos and don'ts and other goodies.

Sign for Corn Roast.

Need a spot for teenagers to meet on Percy Lake

Need to Prioritize: Incorporation and website seem to be priorities.

Fish Trophy

Dylan Winder had 22 inch bass, Jim Richert tells the story of the catch. Harry Winder accepted on behalf of his grandson. Harry Winder loves watching his grandson catch ?sh. Joe Matys has a secret bass weapon to help Dylan catch more ?sh.

Motion to adjourn was accepted.

Respectfully submitted by,

Susan Russel