1st Annual Percy Lake Cornroast

Saturday, August 13, 2011


“Some if by land, some if by lake.” However people arrived whether by boat, kayak, paddle boat, foot, or car, people flocked to Percy Lake's very own 1st Annual Cornroast. Once they arrived they were treated to a cottager's feast. Corn was roasting over a charcoal wood fire and some in a boiling pot for those not willing to try the roasted variety. Hot dogs by the dozens were cooking away on the grill. People were able to help themselves to the multiple salads and appetizers provided by cottagers with the last name A-Q. Then last but certainly not least, came the desserts provided by cottagers with the last name R-Z. Overall the meal was excellent, but the meal was not the highlight of the evening. The camaraderie of cottagers and visitors alike was astounding. Everyone mingled and met new people, maybe even people who lived closer to them than they thought. People learned the names behind the boats they see on the lake, and figured out who lived at where it says "zizizit". Now the person they see running or walking down the road they'll know their name. It was a great event hosted by the Percy Lake Ratepayers Association, who provided the corn and hot dogs, Harry and Sylvia Winder graciously offered their beach as the location for the event. President Jack Russel, his wife Susan, and many others (Dave and Barb Taylor, Rob Berry and Karen Hatch, Jim Richert, Jim Shepard, and Liz and Bruce Meacock) worked tirelessly behind the scenes to put this event together. Jack helped with the presentation of the Percy Lake Cup to the winner of the 1st Annual Percy Lake Fishing Live Release Tournament, white gloves and all. Winners Gary Portway and his fishing partner Brandon were awarded individual trophies as well as the great honor of being able to hoist the Cup. They ended their seven hour fishing day by edging out the 2nd place contestants by 2.5 cm over the total length of five measured fish. When asked where he caught the fish he gave the true fisherman’s answer of “by the mouth”. Another prize that was awarded was the winner of the silent auction for the Stainless Steel BBQ Grill. Going home with the prize were Bob and Donna Wong, who had come via kayak and paddle boat. Thankfully a kind neighbor helped them take the grill home. All in all, the entire event was a rousing success. Neighbors came together and enjoyed a night of food and good company underneath a beautiful August sky. I sincerely believe I am not alone in looking forward to the 2nd Annual Percy Lake Cornroast. 


Foreign Correspondent,

Lindsay Canon (Richerts’ niece)