Percy Lake Board Meeting


Saturday September 3rd, 2011



Present: Jack Russel, Susan Russel, Liz Meacock, Jim Shephard, Jim Richert, Lou Kiriakou, Brian Edey



Corn Roast and Fishing Tournament One hundred people were present and good reviews of the event were heard. There was discussion about the number present who were members of PLRA, but no one is sure. There are now 39 paid members of PLRA - a few joined after the corn roast. We did overbuy buns hot dogs and relish, and that went to the Community Kitchen.



It was a great day also for the Live Release Fishing Tournament. A total of 8 boats were entered. The winning boat consisted of Gary Portway and a young friend who was about 12. The combined catch was 208cm. in length. Jack has some great pictures and will get them out to people.



Ideas for next year: Have a photographer to take pictures during the tournament and the corn roast, fewer hotdogs and more roasted corn (the roasting area for the corn could be enlarged), find two large pots (maybe from Red Umbrella). We have one pot already at Russels. Have a raffle again on a new barbecue, have games for the young people. Donna Cheung will be contacted to see if she might be willing to help out. Ted Sonnenberg (a name suggested by Liz Meacock) will also be contacted to see if he might be willing to help. Brucie DeLazzar has volunteered to help. Harry and Sylvia Winder have offered their place as a spot for next year’s corn roast.



Campers on the Spit Jim Richert gave a report on what he has done. (Refer to report and his discussion with MNR). Rocks are very successful in eliminating erosion. Banking up logs is also good. Dysart et al owns the property and we would need a letter from them giving PLRA authority to do something. Jim R. feels that it is doable, but we would need leadership to get it started.



Jim Shepherd felt that there has not been as big a change in the spit as we think. The area that needs help is where the campers are. Maybe we need to watch it take pictures and see if there is a more natural way to help preserve that land. Jim Shepherd also suggested plants that might hold the earth. Jack will contact Paul Heaven from the Haliburton Land Trust. Brian Edey will look up pictures of the spit from the past. Susan R. will find out if FOCA can suggest plants that we could place on the spit to hold the soil.



Website Development Jack will contact Leanne Stanton who has volunteered her husband to do the website. Liz Meacock has volunteered to help with the content.



Jack will speak with Barb Taylor about incorporating. The Board has decided to proceed with incorporation and will do the research over the winter.


Submitted by Susan Russel