Percy Lake Ratepayers Association encourages and promotes legal sport fishing for bass (B) and lake trout (LT) caught on Percy Lake waters. There are two  competition categories that recognize anglers for their catch. The big one that got away doesn’t qualify!

First is the “Traditional Bass and Lake Trout Contest” for kids with an adult category reinstituted in 2012. Up to 4 trophies (bass and LT for kids, bass and LT for adults) will be awarded at the following years Annual General Meeting. Additionally, the large Matcorp Traveler Trophy will be presented to the youth who landed the longest bass.

Rules and regulations noted below.

Second is the one day annual “Live Release Bass Fishing Tournament” that was established in 2011. The tournament date is generally scheduled the day of the PLRA annual BBQ. A Grand Prize Trophy will be awarded at the BBQ.

Rules and regulations are noted below.


Traditional Bass and Lake Trout Contest – Rules and Regulations

Youth/kids are16 years and under
Adults at 17 years to infinity
The PLRA fishing contest is open for the entire legal fishing season for lake trout and bass. Your entry may be reported to any director of the association. If you prefer to catch and release, have a witness, tape measure and camera with you when you land that big one.
Take a picture of the fish with the person who caught it and present the picture, length and date caught with your entry. If digital, the picture may be e-mailed to:
The contest is open to Percy Lake Ratepayers and their families only.
The fish must be caught on Percy Lake by a properly licensed junior angler during the open season. No silver (Kingscote) trout. The MNR would like them to remain pets for a while yet.
Trophies are awarded for the longest bass, longest lake trout and will be presented at the following years Annual General Meeting. 

Happy fishing!

Live Release Bass Fishing Tournament

1. Sportsmanship - All participants are expected to practice courtesy, safety and agree to abide by all regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and by the rules of the Percy Lake Ratepayers Association Live Release Fishing Tournament.
2. The Tournament will take place on the day of the annual BBQ from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The specific date to be announced each year.
3. The Tournament is open to all members of the Percy Lake Ratepayers Association and their immediate families (spouses, children & grandchildren).
4. Two (2) person teams – Only two (2) people are allowed per boat unless approved by the Tournament Committee prior to the Tournament. The safety and well being of any minor is the sole responsibility of the minor’s accompanying adult.
5. Scoring fish – A maximum of 5 fish per two person team will be entered. In the event of a tie, the team with the largest individual bass will be awarded the prize. The next largest fish will be used in the event of a tie of largest fish and so on until the tie is broken. A Grand Prize will be awarded in one category for two (2) Bass species combined (Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass). The Grand Prize will be awarded that evening at the PLRA BBQ for the category listed below:
• Grand prize – Trophy for greatest length (in centimeters) for 5 Bass combined. All fish are to be measured from the tip of the nose to the top of the tail.
6. Only artificial lures can be used. No live bait is permitted whatsoever. Only one rod at a time can be used. A cast must be fully retrieved before another rod is picked up.
7. Please practice catch and release as this is a live release tournament. All fish must be returned to the lake immediately after being photographed and measured. All dead fish are disqualified from the tournament.
8. Permissible waters – Only fishing in Percy Lake and the Gull River at the south end of the lake is allowed. All fishing must be done during the tournament times from a boat within the permissible waters.
9. Please don’t be late – All participants must arrive no later than 7:45 am from the tournament starting point which is the small island. End of tournament check in will begin at 1:30 pm at the small island and will end at 2 pm sharp. Entrants must be present at the start and end of the tournament and officially report their team’s results with the tournament committee. Any team measuring in after the end of the tournament will be penalized 1/4 cm per minute they are late. Teams more than 10 minutes late will be disqualified.
10. Protests – All protests must be submitted in writing within 15 minutes of the close of the tournament. The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final.


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